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Equipment for Reaction Engineering Research

1.       Pulse Reaction-Chromatography System

2.       Multi-channel Micro Reaction System

3.       Evaluation System for Catalyst

4.       Multi-channel High-pressure Reaction System

5.       Four-tubular Reactors System for High-pressure Hydroprocessing Applications

6.       Hydrodesulfurization System for Gasoline and Diesel

7.       Pilot Plant for High-pressure Hydrotreating Reaction with Hydrogen Recycle

8.       TPD/TPR/TPO/TPRS System

9.       Stirred Batch Reaction System

10.     Molten-salt Reactor System

11.     Fluidized Bed Reactor System



Equipment for Separation Engineering Research

1.       Glass Distillation System

2.       Stainless Steel Distillation System (Effluent Fraction/Precise Fractional-Distillation) 







Process Research and Equipment

1.       Complete Process Research System for Reaction of Syngas to Ethylene Glycol

2.       Reaction System for the Hydrogenation of Bio-oils to Jet Fuel

3.       Small-scale High-pressure Hydrogenation Workshop with Hydrogen Recycle

4.       Crystallization, Drying and Transformation Process Development

5.       Technology and Equipment for Electric Grade Solvent Recovery






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